Find the Best Auto Repair Software in 2021

Find the Best Auto Repair Software in 2021

Do you need to narrow down your auto repair software options? It can be time-consuming to sort through a marketplace filled with numerous venture-backed solutions.

The best auto software is one that reliably delivers the features you need, at the right price point, and without any wasteful bloat.

Let’s run through the list of features an ideal choice should have.


The best solution handles all aspects of shop management and operations. Running your entire business on a single app streamlines your work processes.

Mobile First

A mobile first app gives you the freedom to manage your business from anywhere. Don’t rely on a tool that confines you to a desk or office when you need to be in the shop or on the go.


Opt for a cloud-based auto repair software that you can access from any device, at any time. Make sure it has the option to work offline and sync to the cloud later, so you can stay operational in cases of poor internet access.

Tools of the Auto Trade

Make sure it covers all the activities and workflows included in your daily operations. Inventory tracking, parts ordering, common process checklists, vehicle diagnosis, and vehicle lookup are essential.

Auto Industry Data Access

An auto repair software that partners with major data service providers can include advanced features like VIN decoder, license plate reader, Carfax history, NHTSA database access, and CarMD maintenance and upkeep information.

Customer Oriented

Thriving shops are built on quality work and good customer service. An auto repair software solution needs to take care of your customers, along with your operations. Providing enhanced customer-oriented services, helps create a competitive edge.

CRM (customer relationship management) features will make it easier to keep track of them, give valuable insight, help automate your service, increase client retention, and improve their experience.

Auto industry CRM’s and auto repair software should include specialized customer relationship features like current location recognition, saving the GPS coordinates of stranded clients, and connecting to maps to get driving instructions to their location.

It should also link clients to their vehicles, tracking their vehicle’s progress, and sending automated service updates.

A simple task your CRM should perform is sending out automated service reminders, that link customers to online booking portals. This is an easy way to take busywork off your plate, while increasing profits.

Advanced Invoicing, Billing, and Bookkeeping

And finally, you need to collect your money in a professional, organized manner.

Invoicing alone isn’t enough. Estimates and quotes are core parts of daily auto repair work and should be integrated into your software’s workflow. Make sure you can generate custom estimates, send them directly to clients, and get e-signatures on your documents.

Integrations with popular accounting apps like QuickBooks should also be standard. As a plus, an app should include its own accounting reports on an integrated dashboard, so you have an instant overview of how well business is doing.

An app with pre-made invoicing templates gets you started quickly, but it’s good to have the ability to customize everything you want. If you’re building a distinctive brand, you need your own colors, logos, and custom fonts on all your business collateral.

There are a lot of moving parts to consider in this line of work. You need a streamlined solution that will account for all your processes, without breaking down or slowing you down.

What’s our recommendation? ARI, by Utility Mobile Apps. Why? It’s a mobile first, built strong, total auto repair software solution. Not only is it a beast at auto repair management, it’s highly affordable at just $19.95/month.


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