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Everything you need to create professional HVAC estimates/work orders/invoices

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Powerful Features

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Build your own DB

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Professional Forms

No Internet Required

This app does not require Internet connection (except when sending mails)

Blazing Fast

Navigation and data input are a pleasure thanks to the fast and reliable widgets

Fully Responsive

Works on a wide variety of devices and platforms

Signature supported

Have your client sign the estimate on site so that you can send it to his email and start work as son as possible

All in One app

Build powerful HVAC Estimates /work orders/invoices right on your mobile device

Main Menu

Type of

Choose the type of form you’re building:

  • Warranty
  • Contract
  • Service contract
  • Normal

Customer Details

Add information about the client, such as:

  • name
  • address
  • email
  • phone
  • date of ordering
  • equipment make and model
  • serial number
  • …. and more


Choose from a built-in list of services that ones that you’ve performed or prepare to perform.

The HVAC Estimates app  list contains more than 50 items. For more details, check the page below


Add parts and materials manually or by selecting them from your previously-built database.


Add description and price for the services that you’ve provided or planning to provide.

You can add items manually or select them from a list that you build in your own database

Additional Charges

Add additional charges to your HVAC proposal/work order/invoice.

Additional charges may include travel costs, or any other costs that you could’t tie up in previous options

Customer Signature

The HVAC Estimates app offers the possibility to sign your estimates on site, right on your mobile device


Once all fields have been filled out, you can send your HVAC estimate/invoice/work order to your client via email.

The current supported format is .PNG, Feature updates will support Pdf and .CSV formats

Live View ---->

At any moment in the application, you can hit the “VIEW” button on the bottom-right and see your form live. All changes you make in your estimate will immediately be updated in the view. The view is an exact match to the form you’ll eventually send to your client.

No more typing

The HVAC Estimates app has an already built-in list of services that you can choose from by simply ticking a box.

Air Filters

  • Cleaned
  • Replaced


  • Suction _____ (psi)
  • Head _____ (psi)
  • Electrical connections
  • Contact tight and clean
  • Condition

Condensation areas

  • Inspect and clean drain

Condenser coil

  • Cleaned
  • Checked condition

Electrical components

  • Relays
  • Contactors
  • Press Switch
  • Overload
  • Start Capacitor
  • Run Capacitor

Fan and Motor

  • Volts: _____
  • Amps: _____
  • Electrical connections
  • Contacts tight and clean
  • Fan Pulleys/Adjust Belt
  • Check Motor

Heating Assembly

  • Burner/Heat Exchanger
  • Fuel Supply + Pressurre
  • Pilot Assembly
  • Flame Adjustment
  • Primary Relay
  • Fan + Limit switch oper.
  • Blower Assembly
  • RV Valve
  • Strip Heat
  • Defrost Cycle


  • Leak
  • Charge


  • OK
  • Replace

Build your own list of parts & services


Create a database of commonly used Parts/Materials so that you won’t have to add them every time you build an estimates


Add new services to your database so that you ease your work when building new HVAC estimates and invoices

Sign on-site

This app offers the possibility to signs your estimates/invoices/work orders right on your mobile device.

Tech Signature

You can save your signature on your mobile device and then reuse it on all the estimates you create

Customer Signature

Once you’ve created the estimate/work order/invoice, you can have your client sign it right on your device

Create Professional-Looking forms

The form contains the following sections:



This section contains all built-in services available in the app. By selecting a service in the “Checklist” option of the application, a check sign is applied to the corresponding service in your form.

Contractor's info

Contractor's info

Information about the HVAC contractor taking on the job

Client info

Client info

Information about the client, including Name, address, phone number, email address, etc.

Dates & Equipment info

Dates & Equipment info

This section includes dates and information about the equipment being serviced.

List of Materials/Parts used

List of Materials/Parts used

An automatically expanding list of materials or parts used during the repair job. Each line contains the name of the part, number of pieces used, and price per unit. The total price is generated automatically.

List of services provided

List of services provided

This section contains a list of services, others than the ones checked in the checklist. Each line has a name, price per hour, and number of hours required for the task.

Travel & Other charges

Travel & Other charges

This section contains information about any additional charges such as travel costs, etc.



There are 2 sections for signatures in your form. One contains the signature of the technician that has taken on the job, and the other one holds the signature of the client accepting your estimate/work order/invoice

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

There are 2 sections regarding terms and conditions. One includes information about labor and parts warranty, and the other one refers to the client agreement

Send via Email

Send your HVAC service proposal via email

The app allows you to send your HVAC work order/estimate/invoice via email to your client. You will receive a copy as well.

Export in .PNG

The currently supported format is .PNG. We work on expanding our exporting options to .CSV and .PDF

Customize your email format

Since the email will be sent through your device’s email client, you have the possibility to customize your email format the way it fits best.

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