Packages, Labor Time Updates, and more in V9.5.1

New Year- New Update

– ARI v9.5.1 –

There is no better way to kick off a new year than with a new ARI update. As always, we are pleased to see so many of you referring to ARI as the best auto repair app on the market. We hope to keep that up.

Here’s what’s new in the latest ARI update

1. ARI for Windows

This is a huge one. We know that mobile apps are good, but having ARI
installed on a desktop as a standalone Windows app is better. So, make sure to install the
latest ARI program on your Windows PC.

Get ARI for Windows

2. Packages (Parts & Services grouped)

You can now group parts and services together in your Inventory and then upload
them easily in your Invoice with a single click.

  • Go to Inventory/Packages and create your first package by adding parts and labor items.

  • Open a new JobCard or Invoice, go to Parts, click on the search icon, Packages and then
    select the package you have just created.

  • And voila! Your items have all been imported into your form

3. Update labor times when clocking out

From now on, when you clock out a labor item, the system will prompt you if you
want to update the labor time in your invoice.

  • You obviously need to have a running clock. You can start a clock by clicking on the
    labor item in your JobCard and then assigning a technician to the activity.
  • Labor times can be updated only when labor items are Marked as Completed

Follow these steps

As you can see, the system converts the time into fractional hours
automatically and updates your totals!

4. Emailing support for Web and Desktop

You can now send your invoice via email straight from your Web and Desktop app. The email will be
sent from servers, but all replies will be redirected
to your email

5. Other …

  • search Purchases by tags
  • delete Expenses
  • advance search for Parts on Web and Desktop
  • added vehicle types: Snowmobile, UTV, SxS, Personal Water Craft
  • bug fixes and speed improvements!

Get it on Google Play

ARI for windows

ARI for web

For those of you who are still on Trial, consider upgrading to a subscription
before end of year. Prices may increase next year due to further
addition of more features.

Purchase for only $19.99


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