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Running a small business nowadays is crazy hard. You have to fight tooth and nail to make a profit and you always feel that big corporations will put you out of business at any moment!  Costs are high and profit margins are low!

We understand the pain of being a small business or solo entrepreneur. We know that you have plenty of things to worry about and you can’t afford to spend an arm and a leg on an invoicing software. That’s why we offer this app free of charge to al small businesses. The first 100 invoices are on us!

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Manage Your Clients

– keep all your customer data in one place –

Our Invoicing Software allows you to keep track of all your clients info in one place. From simple details such as name and phone number, all the way to more complex data such as an address, GPS coordinates, and various notes can all be saved safely in the app.

You can also see all the invoices and estimates created for one particular client at any time and you can even generate monthly and yearly statements that you can easily email to your clients! Your business will look and feel more professional!

Track Your Inventory

– easily create and keep track of all your items and services-

Our invoicing software comes with a state-of-the-art invoicing feature that allows you to record detailed information about your items and services. Once you create your inventory, it will be a matter of seconds to put together a quote or invoice for your client.

Here are just some of the most common features we have built for you!

– built-in parts and services

– ebay search for common categories

– packages that allow you to group parts and services together

– tracking options

– automatic inventory update when a part is used in an invoice

– part procurement via purchase requests

– warehouse and vendor tracking

Invoice Your Clients

– build, sign, and send professional-looking invoices in seconds –

We have invested countless hours into this feature just to make sure you can invoice your clients in less than a few minutes. From our perspective, this is a key feature for any reputable invoicing software. Once the job is done, you don’t want to spend another twenty minutes writing an invoice. No, you can simply pull up this invoicing app on your phone and invoice your client in minutes.

Here are some cool things you can do with the app:

– Tax settings: you can add up to 3 taxes to your invoices and select whether a part or service is taxable or not;

– Payment: you can track payment details for each invoice and update the invoice status automatically to “paid” once the transaction was processed;

– Issues found or Reported: add detailed info about the client’s plumbing problem. This info can be exposed in the invoice under the Concern, Cause, Correction section;

– Signature: clients can sign their invoices online right on the app or from the digital invoice you send them.

– Sending: You can send your plumbing invoices to the client via email, SMS, direct link or print.

– Digital Invoice: each invoice comes with a unique link that you can send to the client and they can open it on any browser. Clients can then sign their invoices online!

– Custom invoice templates: we offer a wide variety of customization so that you can make your invoices look worthy of your professional plumbing business!

Get Paid Online

– start accepting online payment to skyrocket your business –

Creating and sending an invoice is only half the job. Now it’s time to get paid! Unfortunately, most the small and medium-sized businesses are still struggling to accept multiple payment methods. However, clients nowadays expect to be able to pay via thair credit cards or online for almost anything! Luckily, you can activate Online Payment inside the app and start accepting online payments right from your digital invoices!

How it works:

First, you need to setup a payment processor inside the app to use for your online payment processing. We are currently accepting Stripe and Square. There are 2 of the most common and most reliable payment processors around!

Connect your payment processor of choice to the invoicing app. You can do this by navigating to Settings/Online payments and selecting the payment processor of your choosing! Make sure you hit connect and follow the instructions!

After a successful connection, a Pay Now button will show up on all your digital and PDF invoices! Your clients can then click the button and pay their invoices online from the comfort of their homes. They can use any credit or debit card they desire and even take advantage of very low and affordable transaction fees!

You will receive the payments straight into your Stripe or Square account right away after the client finalized the transaction. After that, you can transfer your money straight to your bank account manually or you can set it up to be sent automatically at certain intervals!

Log Expenses and Purchases

– keep detailed accounting for your business –

As a small business owner, you need to make sure you track all your expenses and purchases diligently so you can manage your business effectively. With our invoicing software, you can create detailed records of all your expenses and purchases and you can pull complex reports so you can analyze your business profit and losses!

Here are some of the most important features

Log Income

Make sure you keep a very close eye on all the money that gets into your business so you can have a good understanding of how your business is performing.

Track Expenses

Every business has expenses and we’re pretty sure that most of small business owners don’t keep a detailed track of this! Be very careful as that’s one of the most common pitfalls for failing businesses. You need to make sure that every dollar is counted and accounted for!

– Create Purchase Orders 

Is your businesses making regular or one-time purchases? Then you better log that down inside the app for accurate accounting!

Make the conscious decision to keep your business running. Create accurate accounting reports!

plumbing expense

plumbing appointments

Take Appointments Online

– your clients can book your services via your own booking page –

This is more than just an invoicing software. We offer a lot of features including one of the most useful one – online booking. Every business relies on getting new clients and organizing their times accordingly. We tackle that by offering unique, customized booking pages that can be used for scheduling appointments for your services.

Here’s how it works in detail:

  • go to Appointments and setup your working hours, days off, holidays, etc.
  • generate your unique booking page and copy the URL
  • share the link with your clients via email or paste it on your website so that clients can book your services online
  • You will receive email notifications when a new booking is made.

We are very sure this will give you a great competitive edge and make your clients happy about the fact that they book a service with you online!

Appointments are the driving force of any plumbing business. That is why PIM comes with a dedicated appointment calendar that allows you to schedule all your tasks and services accordingly.

in the near future, this function will also be enabled with online booking features that will allow your clients to book your services from the comfort of their homes, directly from their computers or mobile devices

Send Only Professional-Looking Invoices

– customize your invoices and look like a true professional –

With our invoicing software, you can customize the look and feel of your invoices. You can change the color, font, text, and many other items that you may need in order to achieve a professional-looking invoice.

Add your company logo to your invoices so your clients can easily recognize your business. Also, you can add choose from a set of 10 custom invoice templates that make your business look professional and competitive!

Do you have any legal requirements requested by your state or country law? No problem, you can add customized footer texts that make your invoices law-compliant!

Send Your First Invoice Now

– it’s free anyway –

– always use official uMob apps –

Free invoicing app for android phones

free Invoicing software for ios

Free invoicing software for Windows

Free invoicing software for browser

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