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Although not built specifically for marine shops, ARI app can easily be used as a boat repair software. The best part is that you won’t have to pay a fortune for dedicated apps. Just signup for free and try out the app. If you think it fits your business, then consider buying a subscription. It’s cheap anyway!

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Online Booking For Your Boat Owners

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Do you still spend more time on the phone making appointments instead of fixing boats? Are you in need of a marine repair software that can help you gather online appointments for your boat repair shop? Then you have come at the rigtht place. This auto repair software program comes with a special way of collecting online appointments. You can use it on your own website by copy-pasting this code in your HTM

<iframe src=”” width=”900″ height=”700″ allow=”fullscreen”></iframe>


Or you can send your clients to our own directory of auto repair shops. If you want to have your own unique link that points directly to your boat repair shop listing, then make sure you sign up for a free account for this incredible marine repair software!

You don’t have a website? That’s fine too. Just send your clients this link and they can find you in our online boat repair shops directory.

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All you require for your marine repair business

– suitable for mobile boat mechanics –

Although most mechanics prefer to have a standalone marine repair software on their PCs, when it comes to boat repair specialists, they actually prefer to have a mobile marine repair software. Luckily, ARI (Auto Repair Software) offers mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices.

Download and install the right app version for you and then go ahead and create a free ARI account in case you don’t have one already. Our mobile boat repair software is easy to use and user friendly. Give it a try!

Boat Repair App in the Cloud

– this marine repair software works on the Web –

Say NO MORE to outdated auto repair software that work on USB sticks or are bound to a PC. Nowadays, modern auto repair apps work in the cloud so you can sync your data anywhere and anytime. The benefits of using cloud-built marine repair software are undeniable.

Make sure you jump on the bandwagon and start using an auto repair software that is modern, works on the browser, and does not require any complicated installation or setup. Create a free account for ARI and you will never go back to your old shop management system!

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Boat Repair Software for Windows OS

– The desktop solution for your marine repair shop –

Do you still prefer to have a standalone boat repair program that you can install and create a shortcut for on your desktop PC? Maybe you have an assistant that works at the reception of your shop and would like to have access to ARI via a PC for comfort? Rest assured that with our marine repair software, you can have all this and more.

ARI works on Windows PCs and Laptops just like a standalone app. You can install it and create a shortcut so you can have it on your desktop where it’s easy to access and comfortable for all members of your team.

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Customize Your Marine Repair Invoices

– add pictures, logo, and much more –

It’s time to end the old-style tradition of handing dull paper invoices to your clients. You should aim at providing custom and professional repair invoices to your boat owners. This will make your marine repair business look reliable and trustworthy and might even bring you more clients in the long run.

In addition to being able to add your logo and sign your invoices on the device, you can also receive payments and track them inside this amazing marine repair software. but don’t take our word for it – go ahead and create a free account and see for yourself! With ARI you can make your business more profitable!

Affordable Boat Repair Software

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