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Are you tired to pay a fortune for expensive auto glass software? Time to make the switch and never look back!

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Reliable Auto Glass Shop Management Software

– only $19.99/month –

Choosing the right auto repair software can be a daunting task. There are many apps out there that can promise to handle all your auto glass business needs, but the reality is that most of them come short on their promise. With ARI, we can guarantee the best price/value ratio. All you have to do is install this auto glass software and try it yourself!

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Trusted by Many Mechanics Around the World

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Let Your Car Owners Book Your Services Online

– ARI comes with online appointment platform out of the box –

Did you know that people text 82% more than they call? This should give you a clue that car owners would really appreciate it if they can book your glass repair services online rather than having to call a phone number.

With this Auto Glass Software, you can add a piece of code to your website, and then clients can book your services straight from there. This integration makes ARI one of the most sought after car repair apps on the market.

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Don’t worry if you do not have your own website. We actually host the entire car repair shops directory in the cloud so you can simply share this link to your clients via email and they will be able to use it to make a glass repair or replacement appointment with you. All you have to do is create a free account for this auto glass software so you can have your own unique link!

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Take your Glass Repair Business for a Spin

– use the apps for maximum mobility –

It’s only a matter of time until you will want to have access to your auto glass software from all your devices, whether they are desktop PCs, laptops, phones or tablets. Staying constantly connected with your business is the key to success. That is why our team has invested a lot of time into designing the right mobile app for mechanics.

With this auto repair software, you can take your business for a spin and not have to worry that you may miss a client or work order. All your payments and expenses will be kept on this auto glass software and you can even allow clients to pay their repair bills online. Welcome to the future of glass repair business!

Know What’s Happening in Your Glass Repair Shop

– keep track of your mechanics and other auto shop employees –

ARI allows you to add multiple users with very granular access roles to the auto glass software so that you can control every aspect of your business. Do you want to assign a new glass repair task to one of your technicians? Maybe you want to check how much did it really take your mechanic to replace a windshield? With ARI’s time clock and assigning function, you can do all that from the tip of your fingers.

Are you interested in keeping track of your auto glass shop expenses? Maybe you want to track employees’ salaries or windshield purchase orders? With ARI’s accounting, you can do all that and much more.

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Auto Glas Software for Desktop

–  Affordable  Windows Program for your Windshield Repair Shop –

Having a mobile auto glass software is very useful when you want to take pictures of the damaged windshield or create a vehicle inspection before you start the repair. However, when it comes to checking your business stats and accounting, you may prefer a standalone program that you can easily access from your desktop PC.

That is why the ARI tech team has put together an auto glass software that you can use on your Windows laptop or PC. This will give you more comfort when you have to assign windshield replacement tasks or glass repair jobs to your technicians. Follow the instructions to download and install ARI for windows.

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Auto Glass Invoice Templates

– custom forms for your auto glass shop –

Paper invoices are a thing of the past. If you want to offer a windshield replacement service worthy of this century, you need to up your game and invest in a professional auto glass software. You need one that allows you to add your shop’s logo to your invoice and customize it according to your shop’s specific needs.

ARI (Auto Repair Invoice) offers all of the above and a lot more. You can customize your labor and part items, add discounts, multiple taxes, calculate profit, inset disclosures, and many other things that are required by any reputable glass repair shop.

Affordable Auto Body Repair Software

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Auto Glass Shop Management Software

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