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Price is an important factor in any decision-making process, especially when it comes to auto repair invoice software. We are proud to say that ARI is one of the most affordable auto repair software in the whole automotive industry.

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ARI auto repair software app for ios


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Online Booking For Your Clients

– give your customers the option to book your services online-

ARI offers the possibility to list your auto repair shop on our directory where clients can find you and then book an auto repair invoice service with you online. The appointments will show up right in the ARI app and you will have the possibility to confirm or deny them. We also give you a custom link that you can send to your clients or add to your website. From that link, clients can make service appointments straight to your shop.

car repair software

All the tools required to run your auto repair business

– packed in a powerful mobile app –

From inventory tracking and parts ordering to VIN decoder, vehicle lookup, and auto repair invoices, ARI (Auto Repair Invoice) offers you the right set of tools to be able to run your business smoothly and confidently. The app covers heavy reporting solutions as well as complex vehicle diagnosis options as well as powerful auto repair invoice generation so that you stay focused on your job rather than playing around with multiple software

An impressive set of advanced features

– right from your phone or tablet –

Fiding data about a vehicle has never been easier. ARI partners with some of the leading data service providers in the automotive industry to offer you the most reliable information you so dearly require. Among the most important features, we can mention, VIN decoder, License plate reader, Carfax service history, NHTSA database access, CarMD maintenance and upkeep, and many more are being added constantly. This will allow you to build professional auto repair invoices in minutes!

Advanced CRM for your Clients and their Vehicles

– at the comfort of your desktop –

Keep track of all your clients and vehicles that visit your shop so you can offer continuous service to all your recurring customers. ARI stores all your data in the cloud so you can access it from anywhere at any time. Our reporting features will give you a very good idea of how your auto repair business is performing on a daily basis as well as how many auto repair invoices you have generated!.

Professional auto repair invoices that fit your business

– fully customizable –

ARI comes with 7 professional invoice templates that can be customized to your liking. You can change colors, add logos, add signatures, rewrite parts of the form, and even include custom fonts. We believe that each business should have some uniqueness in its services, and ARI (Auto Repair Invoice) offers you the possibility to create custom and unique auto repair invoices for your clients

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400 Auto Parts

Auto Repair Invoice (ARI) offers a built-in list of 400 Auto Parts for you to choose from. No more typing – simply choose them from a list that is provided to you

Address recognition

ARI can detect your current location and retrieve the exact address. This feature is very useful for mechanics who provide mobile services. All they have to do is tap a button and the address will be retrieved.

VIN decoder

Simply scan or input a vehicle VIN number and ARI will retrieve the car details automatically. This feature currently works only for US vehicles build after 1995.


ARI comes with 7 fully-customizable invoice templates. You can change any field or text in your invoice forms so that they fit your business requirements.

150 Auto Services

Why type in when you can simply select your services from a provided, categorized list? ARI (Auto Repair Invoice) contains a list of more than 150 common auto repair services.


ARI can connect to your device’s preferred map app and offer driving directions to your client’s address. This can save you time when providing emergency auto repair services.

Barcode Scanner

Auto parts have barcodes which help for easy tracking. ARI allows you to use your phone’s camera to scan a barcode and search for the item on your device.


Check your auto repair invoices and quotes before you send them. The app allows you to see how the final invoice will look like when the client receives it via email.


Keep all your clients’ vehicle details in one place. Auto Repair Invoice (ARI) offers state-of-the-art vehicle management and an unlimited number of vehicles on your phone or tablet. All easily searchable for future use.

GPS coordinates

Sometimes, clients can be left stranded in the middle of the road, with no read address to convey to the emergency services. ARI can save GPS coordinates for easier navigation.


Your client can sign the invoice or estimate on your device so that you can easily email a complete invoice. The same feature applies for the mechanic.

Secure storage

ARI keeps your data safe in the cloud. It uses Telerik secure servers for maximum security and data protection. Rest assured that your invoices will live even if you delete the app by mistake.


Keep your client’s data safe on your device and in the cloud. ARI – Auto Repair Invoice allows you to save addresses, phone numbers, GPS coordinates, payment options, and more


The app can connect to your contacts and retrieved data such as name, address, and phone number. This can be quite useful when trying to build invoices for same clients.


If you have a mobile printer, then you can even print a carbon copy of your invoices and estimates. This makes things very easy when offering on-site services.


ARI supports offline mode. This means that you can still build invoices and estimates when you don’t have a stable Internet connection. All data will then sync to the cloud when connection resumes.

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ARI auto repair software app for ios

ARI for windows

ARI for web

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