Top 5 auto repair software in 2022 – All you need to know

Top 5 auto repair software in 2022 – All you need to know

What’s the best auto repair app to choose in 2022?

Technology has become a daily part of our lives, and pretty much everyone has a phone. Nowadays, you can find an app for almost anything to help you out. It is no different for auto repair as there is plenty of software available for anyone to use that can help massively. Managing an auto repair business can be challenging, especially for small or new companies. Luckily for many of these businesses, utilizing technology in the form of software makes life much easier and makes running and growing a business more manageable.

We will look at the five best auto repair software to use in 2022, with details specifying what makes these software the best on the market.


What should you be looking for in auto repair software?

The objective of auto repair software is to simply help you run your business in the best possible way. It can be challenging for a small company new in the market to compete against bigger repair shops. All auto repair shops will use some sort of software to help them with daily tasks like 

  • Keeping track and records of customers and vehicles
  • Accounts
  • Inventory
  • Keeping track of inspections and damages to cars

Many different software will also have additional features to help out the users. Large auto repair shops that operate at a national level like My Transmission Experts will have software that suits their needs and the best possible one to help them run. Knowing the best software allows you to stay competitive.

ARI (Auto repair Invoicing)

One of the best software available for new businesses. ARI distinguishes itself by its low pricing model and easy-to-understand interface, making it the ideal software for companies starting. Price is an essential factor for many starting businesses, as a product that can be appropriately used at just $19.99 is very beneficial. 

ARI also helps your customers a lot by providing them with automated alerts and notifications for when they need them. On top of that, the easy to use interface applies to all stakeholders. the app software can also be used on a mobile, making it much more accessible



Shopmonkey offers ease of use to both the auto repair shop and the customers by providing a very easy to use system that tracks orders and repairs. Shopmonkey allows you to have everything in one place, making managing your business much more straightforward. The software also allows users to store all their info digitally, allowing for a much easier and environmentally friendly solution to keep track of invoices and inventory.


CCC intelligent solution

This software prides itself on being one of the best estimating software on the market. Along with offering you excellent and reliable estimates, CCC intelligent solutions also link you to multiple insurers in your area, making your life easier. Like any good application, it also has a very easy to use interface with all your needs in one place.


FastTrak Auto Shop manager

FastTrak is good at managing the workflow of an auto repair shop and keeps track of everything that might happen, starting from the customer to the finished job. FastTrak distinguishes itself by providing software that helps its users by offering key statistics and comparing them to the industry averages. Doing this helps the user analyze where they are lacking and where to improve. The software gives the user a lot of direction and guidance, making it a very feature-rich software.



AutoLeap is software which gives an all in one package allowing everything to be managed from one place. AutoLeap has some of the best customer relations and employee relations tools on the market, helping it distinguish itself from other software. AutoLeap can help in all stages of the customer-business relationship by keeping track of everything. The app also has built-in tools to help keep customers happy and provide them with proof of other satisfied customers by storing relevant images and information. AutoLeap is also great for assigning work to employees as it is efficient and fully utilizes all resources available. 


The right software for you

Choosing the right software might be a challenge for many people as it can be tricky with so many options available. The choice might be different for each person based on what key features they might be focusing on. All the software mentioned above can be used for any auto repair shop, but for anyone, it is always good to look further into the software to see which one might suit your needs.