ARI for Windows

ARI for Windows is Here

We are happy to announce that ARI is now available for Windows PCs

This means that you can install and use ARI on your PC or Laptop just the same as you’d use any other stand-alone Windows programs.


  • You won’t have to use a browser anymore
  • You can create a shortcut on your desktop and access ARI easily from there.
  • App is faster and more reliable

Step 1 Click the button below to begin downloading the ARI program

Download ARI for Windows

Step 2. Extract the app files

Open the folder where the app was downloaded and extract the app files.

Step 3 Open ARI_Windows folder and click on ARI.exe

Step 4 Allow ARI to work on your PC

Some windows versions will ask you to allow access to the ARI program.

That’s it! You should now be able to open ARI on your desktop PC as a standalone Windows program.

Feel free to create a shortcut of ARI.exe so you have it handy on your desktop.

As always, we’re happy to listen to your feedback and we’ll do our best to make ARI the right app for your business.

For those of you who are still on Trial, consider upgrading to a subscription before end of year. Prices may increase next year due to further addition of more features.

Purchase for only $19.99