Why Do Your Trucks Need Truck Repair Software?

Why Do Your Trucks Need Truck Repair Software?

Why Do Your Trucks Need Truck Repair Software?


Truck Repair Software is probably not the first software that would come to your mind when you think of trucking-related applications, but it could be the most useful one for you, just like Cdl license is needed for the truck driver. A truck repair software does what its name says: it keeps track of all repairs and problems faced by trucks in your fleet.


Truck Repair Software: Is It Worth It?

Working as a fleet owner or vehicle manager is tough. Managing hundreds of vehicles and making sure they run smoothly and without problems should be your number one priority. However, it isn’t. After all, there are other aspects of your business to take care of – such as finances, hiring and training employees, and so on.

Truck repair software can help you save time and money during truck repairs. You can use it to:


Keep track of service history for each vehicle

 You’ll know exactly when the next scheduled service should be done; you won’t have to ask each mechanic about this information anymore.  It means saving time and money by reducing the unnecessary costs related to services that should have been done but haven’t.


Keep track of vehicle repairs

 If you make sure to jot down all the necessary information when your mechanics fix a truck, you’ll be able to avoid future problems and keep your vehicles in tip-top shape for longer periods.  It is important from a customer service point of view (improved satisfaction and loyalty), and an economical one: keeping trucks in good condition helps greatly reduce repair expenses.


Track fuel consumption

 Since most fleet owners hire their vehicles with “unlimited mileage” contracts, they don’t care how much they spend on fuel.  However, it can be costly if you’re not paying attention and don’t track vehicle fuel consumption.  If you know how much a truck uses, you can plan and adjust your expenses accordingly.


Track time and routes

 Suppose you’re not able to keep track of how much time each operation takes or the route followed during deliveries. In that case, you’ll have no idea about whether your drivers are using the best possible delivery methods or not.  It means wasting money on things such as fuel or even delaying deliveries for no reason at all. 

Most modern Truck Repair Software solutions offer many different modules to solve all of the above problems. The following are probably the most important ones for you:


1)Tracking And Repairs Management Software 

It is where your fleet data, repairs, and other issues are tracked so that nothing goes unnoticed. You can even attach photos or videos of repaired vehicles if you need to explain what’s wrong with them. If something were not appropriately recorded by an employee who fixed a car, it would also be included alongside the repair time taken.


2)Driver Scorecard 

If you have drivers working under your company, this module will let you know how they drive based on average speed, the number of accidents, etc. This way, you can compare them to one another and eliminate all drivers who seem to be a liability instead of an asset.


3)Fuel And Mileage Management Software

 Since fuel is the second most significant expense after paying drivers, you need software to track your mileage and fuel costs per truck. It also calculates how much money it costs you if a driver goes beyond set limits or breaks traffic rules. If this happens too often, you might want to find a new driver for that vehicle.


4)Maintenance Management Software 

With so many different types of vehicles in your fleet, creating maintenance schedules for them on your own would be nearly impossible without any system assistance. In some cases, this module will even tell when to change certain parts before they break down. Using this method, you can extend the lives of components and save money on repairs in general.


5)Reports And Graphs

It is probably the most straightforward part I mentioned above. Still, it gives you all the data necessary to understand how your business is doing right now and plan for the future accordingly. However, what’s new about this module is that it also lets you create reports or include them in emails so that managers or directors of your company do not need to go through countless pages to find out what kind of situation they faced during last month.


Wrapping Up!

As you can see, using any Truck Repair Software will automatically free up a lot of time for your employees who would otherwise spend hours on tracking vehicles and their issues. This way, they will have more time to do actual repairs instead of spending valuable minutes tracking down broken vehicles or taking notes about previous repair works completed.

So, is there any reason not to use the Truck Repair Software you already have in front of you?

Truck repair software makes it easy for anyone to track these aspects of business without too much hassle. One single piece of software will allow you to cover everything from monitoring vehicle repairs and keeping records up to date to controlling fuel costs and expenses.


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