5 Best Auto Repair Softwares of 2022 & Beyond — Which One Should You Use?

Technology is prevalent in every sector – and the auto repair industry makes no exception. This business sector experienced unprecedented growth in the past few years. And, thus, operating an auto repair shop without management software has become a challenging job. More than 50% of car service providers currently use auto repair software—these all-in-one applications aid in scheduling customers’ appointments and in tracking services. 


An actualized auto repair software is essential to fix advanced automated vehicles. Besides, it helps the auto repair center owners to provide better customer service. Many use such software to generate more revenue in their businesses. It provides the customers with an estimated repair cost of the car. Moreover, most auto repair software is cloud-based, which helps secure the customer’s sensitive data. 


This means shop owners or managers don’t need to fret over data loss events. As the essential

data can be restored from the latest auto repair software. These applications can speed up auto 

repair tasks, like ordering vehicle parts. They also streamline the work order and payment

processing between businesses. Additionally, a handful of auto repair apps are available for



Here is the list of the auto repair software which has the best features:


  1. AutoShop — Rated as the Best Auto-Repair App


This software can be accessed from the latest Windows PCs. AutoShop also works on Android and Linux devices. It will be ideal for small and mid-size automotive repair shops. Besides, custom car builders, tire and track shop owners can use this application. Smart Data Recovery also uses this app to improve their productivity.


AutoShop is easy to use and provides the technicians one-stop-shop management solution. Whether you want to track the vehicle order or a profit analysis, AutoShop is ideal for that. Moreover, its work order management features make the daily repair work easier. Auto Shop also features drag-and-drop scheduling and service history tracking options. 


This software helps users find their vehicle details using “Advanced search”. You can even check, download and print the vehicle’s repair or service history. Auto Shop has different payment options to choose to pay for the repair services. 


Need auto repair software for hassle-free credit card processing? Then, install AutoShop now.


  1. Auto Repair Invoice (ARI) — Most Used Mobile App


ARI is a free auto repair software that is used by more than 100k people in the industry. It helps the shop owners to manage their business most efficiently. ARI aids in generating invoice files tailored to the client’s needs. Moreover, customizing these invoices happens seamlessly from the mobile-based ARI app. 


It helps customers make online payments as well. You can also record all the car owner’s money transactions via this app. ARI supports different payment options and gateways. Don’t have enough money to pay for the car repair? Choose ARI’s partial payment option and pay the remaining amount later. 


Besides, you can check the technician’s total labor time with this software. The auto repair shop owners can manage the inventory items using ARI, and it notifies clients whenever technicians complete their repair works. You can track car services’ due dates and generate the vehicle’s damage reports with ARI.


  1. ShopMonkey — Best Business Management Tool


This auto repair software can be used by anyone, regardless of their business size. More than 10k+ car shops in the U.S and Canada use this web-based app. It allows the users to perform different business operations in one place. Moreover, ShopMonkey provides real-time reports to car owners and shop operators. This application is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux OS users. 


Core features of this software include inventory management, payment processing, and progress tracking. ShopMonkey offers a free 3-month trial to the users, and you need to choose a subscription plan after that to track business profitability. Besides, this application allows users to add status labels. Even the auto shop managers can check the vehicle inspection details from this app. 


Additionally, this software has a built-in automated notification system. It sends the client’s confirmation emails after appointing the technicians. This saves the time of writing emails to every customer who availed of the services. ShopMonkey also has exclusive features, like QuickBooks online integration. This can improve the workflow of the auto repair company.


  1. FullBay — The Best Priced Auto Repair Software


Many auto repair companies have increased their revenue up to 20% after using Fullbay. This is a cloud-based application designed for large firms. FullBay provides the technicians, customers, and managers with real-time updates. Even when you are not in the shop, you can remotely monitor the ongoing activities. Besides, the customers can submit their car repair or maintenance requests using Fullbay.


The auto shop owners can settle invoice payments from this application. FullBay also allows the customers to track their vehicle’s service-related details. Additionally, you can check when the car was last serviced using this software. Don’t deploy any other payment gateways in the auto shop company. Instead, use Fullbay to help the clients pay safely and securely. 


This app integrates the QuickBooks Online feature, which makes accounting easier. It allows users to check their customers’ databases even without a stable internet connection. Moreover, FullBay is compatible with every Android and iOS device, and even Windows and macOS users can use this auto repair software. You can take the business to the next level with its standout features.


  1. Kukui — Offers Effective Marketing Solutions


Kukui is the most downloaded CRM software in the auto repair industry. It allows the shop owners to record their clients’ phone calls. Kukui uses machine learning to detect when the technicians received a call. It even blocks the spam numbers to enhance the retailer’s experience. This software helps the users analyze vehicle repair works with ease. You can also organize the sale processes with its lead funnel feature. 


Besides, Kukui offers a plethora of ways to communicate with customers. It has an email blast wizard, which helps you compose emails quickly. The auto shop owners can create and manage customer lists with Kukui. You can set up effective marketing campaigns with its easy-to-use tools. Many have improved their company’s online presence using this leading software. 


Essential features of Kukui include PPC, social media, and review management. Kukui added a customer module in its latest update, and users can check the customers’ data with this feature. Additionally, you can find the best marketing strategies for the auto repair business. 


This application can be used on iOS and Android platforms. Do you handle the business work from a Windows laptop or PC? Install Kukui to improve the technicians’ and employee work efficiency.


Factors to Consider before Choosing an Auto Repair Software

Certain factors should be considered to determine the best-suited auto repair tool. Choose an application that includes point-of-sale, inventory control, and bookkeeping system. It will remove the hassle of installing different software to operate the business. Ensure the application has a suitable user interface. It’s best for shop owners to checks its compatibility. 


Besides, you should use an app that provides in-depth reporting and analysis. Go for an application that offers accurate estimates about the required vehicle parts. Additionally, you should use software that can calculate the labor time. Before installing the application, check whether it has an online calendar. This feature is essential when scheduling service appointments. and helps technicians to manage their repair/maintenance works. 


Moreover, the application should have a VIN decoder and plate detection feature. Use auto repair software that lets you add the labor rates. Most auto repair software integrates marketing tools, and it aids in streamlining the invoices, customer’s accounts, and employees payrolls. 


Does the app have a customer support feature? Use software like Orderry and AutoFluent to get that. If you need more recommendations – have a chat with a software expert.


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