vehicle inspections, time clocks, and more – new ARI V9.2

– Vehicle Inspections –

We’re happy to announce our latest ARI update

vehicle inspections – time clocks – labels – and more

Make sure you update your Auto Repair Software today

What’s new?
Labels Everywhere
You can now add custom labels for Vehicles and Clients too, just like you can for JobCards
Furthermore, you can create, edit, and delete custom labels from the Profile/Labels settings

TimeClocks & Inspections in JobCards
You can create Vehicle Inspections straight from the JobCard page and then also associate time clocks to jobcards. Both will be available on the JobCard page from now on!

vehicle inspections

Warehouse location and Min quantity values in Inventory
You can now add a warehouse location to each of your spare parts and then search for them by the warehouse location.
You can also set a minimum quantity and when your inventory drops below that level, the system will alert you!

car parts inventory
car parts software

…and much more
mileage-in and mileage-out displayed on the Invoice
– reports for Clients and Vehicles
– purchase part straight from the Part page
– delete image in Parts
– iOS 14 support
– .. many bug fixes
As always, your feedback is important to us, so please write us back if you have any feature requests

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