User Roles & Employee Reports

User Roles & Employee Reports
Major ARI Release

We’re Happy to Announce a New ARI Update
V8.0 (live on Android & Web, coming soon on iOS)

What’s new?

There are 2 major updates in V8.0:
User Roles with controllable access (PRO)
– Employee time tracked reports

User Roles

You can now add multiple users to your ARI account and grant them custom access to your data.
For example, you can allow your mechanics to access JobCards but deny them access to Accounting or Reports features.

How to set up
Log in and go to Profile -> User Roles

Create a new Role and allow only the access you desire

Now that your custom role is created, it’s time to create a new user and attach the role to the user.
go to Profile -> Users
IMPORTANT: If you’re doing this for the first time, then the system will first ask you to create the Owner profile
This will be your personal profile so make sure you remember your passcode because you will need it to log into the app.

Save the Owner profile and then go back to add a new User

If all goes well, then your screen should look like this:
– 1 Owner profile (for you only)
– 1 User profile for your mechanic

Log out to test the new user access, go to ARI Settings-> LogOut
and then log back in using your normal username and password (the ones your set up initially when you created your ARI account)
Once you

– Your users need to know your main username and password in order to access their accounts.
– Make sure you don’t allow access to Profile option to your users so that they can’t see your passcode.

Time Tracked Report

ARI allows you to create time cards for your employees so you can track how much time they spend on a job. Now, you can create detailed reports based on Employee name and the time tracked under a particular timeframe
 Login -> Reports -> Employees & Salary

Select the Employee name and then click the Refresh button to see how much time they worked in total.
This information can be very useful when you pay salaries to your techs.

We hope you enjoy these new features. Make sure you update your app from the Google PlayStore.
NOTE: iOS version coming soon

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We appreciate your business!

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