New Feature: Discount Coupons

New Feature: Discount Coupons

NEW Feature
Discount Coupons

With ARI you can now create your own Discount Coupons which you can send to your clients via e-mail, SMS, or print.

How Your Coupon Will Look Like

Here’s an example of an ARI coupon. You can customize almost everything!

Why Do I Need This?

You want to make sure that your clients are not only happy with your services, but they also have a good reason to come back to your shop next time their service is due.
Studies show that clients who are offered a discount are 60% more willing to come back than those who don’t have any special offer.

Step 1. Create your first Coupon

Please note that you need to be a PRO user for this feature to work.

Step 2. Send Your Coupon to Your Client

You have the option to send your coupon via email, SMS, or print

Step 3. Redeem Coupon & Apply Discount

Create a new Invoice or JobCard and navigate to Discount. Enter the coupon code and the discount will be applied automatically.

Are you using ARI PRO yet?

Be part of the ARI family by subscribing to ARI PRO. You will get unlimited invoices and access to all features of the app.


– only $99.99/year –


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