How to send Digital Invoices to your clients!

How to send Digital Invoices to your clients!


 Digital Invoices
Finally Here





Awesome News!
ARI now supports Digital Invoices


From now on, your clients can access all their invoices online

Clients can review, sign, print and download their invoices and estimates  themselves from a unique link generated by ARI app



here’s an example of a digital invoice link



How to send your first digital invoice?

Open an existing Invoice, Estimate or JobCard and then preview it




– Click the link icon and then copy or share the link generated by ARI.
– Send the link to your client!





What clients see?

Clients can access their invoice or estimate via the link you sent to them.
They can sign, print, and download their invoice.
The links will look like this: a digital invoice
Clients can sign their invoices online, from the link they receive.






NOTE: You will receive an automatic email after a client signs an invoice.




Still on TRIAL?



Go Pro NOW

– unlock unlimited invoices and many other awesome features- 





Update to V6.8










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