Why you should invest in an Auto repair app.

Why you should invest in an Auto repair app.

An auto repair app is essential for all auto repair shops owners. It helps you in streamlining your daily business operations and saves your auto shop time and money. If you are unfamiliar with the benefits of investing in an auto repair app, here are the five most important benefits:

1. Inventory Tracking – If your auto shop or tire store is still tracking inventory by hand, your business is losing money. Auto repair apps automate your business process by making it easier for you to keep track of parts and accessories available in your store.

2. Repair Orders – With an auto repair app, you can input repair orders into a computer to better manage your repair work for the day. Some software even utilizes handheld computers so you can scan a car or truck’s vehicle identification number. This helps to speed up the repair order process as you are not required to manually enter any car information into the computer.

3. Customer Relationships – An auto repair app allows you to build long-lasting relationships with your customers. You can email or mail service reminders to help customers remember when it is time for service. For example, if your shop does a lot of oil changes, you can send email reminders when it is time for another oil change.

4. Increased Efficiency – With the help of an auto repair app, tasks do not take long as they once did. Best of all, all the information is organized for you to pull the customer information and other records easily. An auto repair app saves your time and allows you to focus more on the repair work.

5. Better Reporting – With this type of software, you get reports faster. For instance, if you own an auto store, auto repair app can produce accurate auto quotes in seconds, saving you lots of valuable time.

Now that you know the benefits of this software, you might be thinking that you and your staff are not good with computers. This is not a problem at all. Many companies that sell auto repair apps also provide technical support to help get you familiar with the software. Many offer training sessions that walk you through the features of the software.


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